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Our FALL / WINTER Shop Hours are:
Sunday 12 - 5
Monday 12 - 5
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 12 - 6
Friday & Saturday 12 - 8

Our Buying Guidelines as of 2019
We buy Records, Cassette Tapes, Stereo Equipment, Music Memorabilia, Music DVDs/ VHS and CDs in excellent / playable condition!
We are more than happy to check out ANY collection of music! However, if you can give us a list of the Artists / Albums and condition of your items we can let you know if we are paying out for them or taking them on a donation only basis.
An example of what we buy:
Think of what you hear on the radio!
Black Sabbath, The Cars, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, J. Geils, Judas Priest, Fleetwood Mac and others that have been flooding the airwaves for years are what we are interested in purchasing! We also love Soundtracks from Box Office Hits, Rock n’ Roll Music, Indie Music, Metal Music, Folk Music, Punk Music, Soul & Funk Music and other things that are big in pop culture with music!
Stereo Equipment must be functioning, preferably with a silver face on it.
Memorabilia that we are interested in are vintage posters, Tour programs, Ticket Stubs, Concert Tees and music action figures!
Stuff that is high end we offer consignment with so you can get what you feel comfortable with for your items. We take 20% of your sold consignment item. We consign everything from Stereo Equipment, T Shirts, Records, CDs, Posters, Cassette Tapes, music magazine and more!
Just like anything else, if items are broken, scratched up or moldy (etc…) they deplete in value. Condition is everything with our products. We are very particular about condition because we try to stay very consistent with the quality of what we sell here.
If you are unsure on how record grading works we will be more than happy to show examples to help determine the state of your items.
CDs, Music DVDs/ VHS and Cassette tapes must still have their cases as well as the inlays with them. Records and Stereo Equipment are purchased based on current market value.
An Example of items taken on Donation basis only is:
Stereo equipment with plastic faces (we look for silver face equipment), CD players, Amplifiers, Subwoofers and Tuners.
CDs & Cassette Tapes without their cases/ inlays or homemade CDs / Cassettes. We don’t pay out for scratched discs.
Records we don’t buy: 78’s, 45’s without sleeves, Easy Listening ( Guy Lombardo, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Manhattan Transfer, Dan Fogelberg etc..), Most Country ( We buy John Prine & Johnny Cash as well as a few other exceptions), Certain Show tunes/ Soundtracks ( We have more Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita then we know what to do with, But we are interested in box office hits), World Music, Classical Music, Kids Music, Sheet Music, Instruments and anything that is Moldy/ Broken/ Damaged.