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American Youth Report Comp 12"

A1 –Modern Warfare One For All
A2 –Bad Religion Only Gonna Die
A3 –Channel 3 (2) Catholic Boy
A4 –Adolescents Losing Battle
A5 –Lost Cause Born Dead
A6 –Legal Weapon Pow Pow
A7 –Flesh Eaters, The Pony Dress
A8 –Rhino 39 J. Alfred
B1 –Hypnotics (3) Weird People
B2 –Descendents I'm Not A Loser
B3 –M.I.A. (3) Tell Me Why
B4 –T.S.O.L. Sounds Of Laughter
B5 –Shattered Faith Reagan Country
B6 –Minutemen Working Men Are Pissed
B7 –RF7 Jesus Loves You
B8 –Red Kross* Notes & Chords Means Nothing To Me