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Limited Options...Sold as Noble Endeavors Comp 10"

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A1 –Mk-Ultra* Clay Into Sparrows
A2 –Man Afraid (2) Under The Yoke
A3 –Q-Factor (4) I'm Not That Stupid
A4 –Dillinger 4* Holy Shit
A5 –Those Unknown All My Heroes Had Voices
B1 –Strike, The (2) Kicking Ass
B2 –Pressgang (3) The Machine Routine
B3 –Thenceforward Burn
B4 –Swallowing Shit Race Is An Ideology
B5 –Swallowing Shit Year 501
B6 –Swallowing Shit Riel
B7 –Deadstoolpigeon* B.U.R.T. (Build Up Resistance Today)