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Dr. Dre ‎– Compton (A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre) 12"

Show Credits
A1 –Dr. Dre Intro
A2 –Dr. Dre Talk About It
A3 –Dr. Dre Genocide
A4 –Dr. Dre It’s All On Me
B5 –Dr. Dre All In A Day’s Work
B6 –Dr. Dre Darkside Gone
B7 –Dr. Dre Loose Cannons
B8 –Dr. Dre Issues
C9 –Dr. Dre Deep Water
C10 –Jon Connor (2) One Shot One Kill
C11 –The Game (2) Just Another Day
C12 –Dr. Dre For The Love Of Money
D13 –Dr. Dre Satisfiction
D14 –Dr. Dre Animals
D15 –Dr. Dre Medicine Man
D16 –Dr. Dre Talking To My Diary