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Lower Class Brats ‎– This Is Real! DVD + CD

DVD01 Ultra-Violence
DVD02 Airwave Raid
DVD03 Bite The Bullet
DVD04 Sex & Violence
DVD05 Standard Issue
DVD06 Rather Be Hated
DVD07 Clockwork Fuse
DVD08 I'm A Mess
DVD09 Psycho
DVD10 No Doves Fly Here
DVD11 Who Writes Your Rules
DVD12 Chaos Riot & Ruin
DVD13 Addicted To Oi!
DVD14 Bullet
DVD15 Just Like Clockwork
DVD16 Safety Pinned & Sick
DVD17 Orphans Don't Run
CD01 The Worst
CD02 Don't Care About You
CD03 Two In The Heart
CD04 I'm A Mess
CD05 Ultra-Violence '05
CD06 New Seditionaries
CD07 See You Go
CD08 Go Insane
CD09 P.G.L.
CD10 Lip Music
DVD contains a full Live-Show and also Special Features as follows:

- Live at the Blue Flamingo, Austin, TX 1996
- "Just Like Clockwork" Documentary Exerpt
- Live at Bojangles, Sacramento, CA 1997
- Band Commentary
- "Just Like Clockwork" Video
- Band Interview

The songs of the Bonus-CD are "Demos & Outtakes" from the "New Seditionaries" sessions.